With Kerio in the Cloud you are assured of an optimal deployment of Kerio software. We maintain the servers and keep your software up-to-date. A valid license with the full functionality is included.

What is Kerio Connect or Operator?

Whitepaper Kerio Connect

Whitepaper Kerio Operator

Counting users

A user is everybody with a username and password. It does not matter if an account is inactive. The highest amount of users that ever existed in a month is counted. Aliases, domains and mailing lists are not counted.
For example:

  • You create 10 users and delete 5 users. The next day you create 6 users. This will count as 11 users.
  • You create 10 users and add 5 users. The next day you delete 6 users. This will count as 15 users.

10% Combination discount

You will receive a 10% discount for the amount of users with an Kerio Connect and Kerio Control account. It does not matter which users. Only the amount of users is counted. So when you have 5 Kerio Operator users and 15 Kerio Connect users, you will get a 10% discount for 5 users.


You have full administrator access. There are no limits set in the admin console so you can use Kerio as if it was running on your own server with one big difference: There are a lot of things you don't have to do.
You don't have to:

  • Make backups
  • Update the OS
  • Get memory upgrades
  • Get more CPU power
  • Resize or swap hard drives
  • Install updates from Kerio
  • Buy and manage licenses
  • Get IP-addresses
  • Arrange a server with 24x7 internet access
  • Get and install a SSL certificate if ordered
  • Lose sleep over an important server
  • Set up a fallback server


Storage is only counted for Kerio Connect. The storage in the server is unlimited so you will never run out of disk space. 100 users with 3 Gbyte each? Not a problem. An average of 1 Gbyte is included with every user. If you have 10 users, 10 Gbyte average storage is included. When more than the included storage is used we will bill that storage for € 1,50 per Gbyte per month.


Every day between 00:00 en 06:00, a full backup is created from your entire server. The retention time is 1 month.


Every Kerio server is 24x7 monitored for availability. When your server does not respond fast enough, our monitoring is triggered and we will take appropriate action. Even while you are sleeping.

Fallback server

We anticipate on the fact that everything will break at some time. In case of a failure of your Connect server, the fallback mail server will accept the mails that were meant for your Connect server. When your server is online again, the fallback server will deliver the missed mail to your server. People who mailed you, will not get an error and you won't miss one e-mail.


We support our customers in English and Dutch. Support during office hours is free for the Kerio administrator. We expect that you will support the end user. If your end user runs into a problem that you can't solve, we will support you while you solve the problem.


We will bill you at the beginning of every new month for the amount of users and exceeded storage of the previous month. If you have 10 Connect users that use 12 Gbyte in total, you will receive an invoice for 10 users and 2 Gbyte extra storage (10 Gbyte is included).
Unlike when you buy a license, with Kerio in the Cloud you are free to scale down.
The payment term is 21 days. You can pay by self-transfer and direct debit.

Phone number

To provision a phone number in Kerio Operator you need a SIP trunk. There are many VOIP providers that deliver SIP trunks and will help you with getting a phone number.

Contract term

The term of the contract is one month. You have to terminate the contract one month in advance. You can terminate the contract the following way:

  1. Delete all users except the admin user.
  2. Mail to info@tuxis.nl that the server can be deleted at the end of the next month. Clearly state the name of the server as mentioned on the invoice ([something].saas.tuxis.net).

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With Kerio in the Cloud you get a hassle free dedicated Kerio Operator and/or Kerio Connect ready to use. No limits. We make the backups and make sure you have enough server capacity. This cloud version of Kerio has a license included with anti virus, anti SPAM and Exchange Active Sync. Order directly on line or view the pricing

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