We have a partner/reseller program for ICT companies and service providers. Being a reseller for Kerio in the Cloud gives you an attractive quantity discount and the following benefits:

  • Pay per user
    The user price is much lower compared to end-users and storage is billed separately. This gives you the freedom to create products that are different from the ones we offer. You might want to sell mailboxes with more storage included, or sell EAS support as an extension.
  • Storage = storage
    We don't care what account or which of your servers uses our storage. We count the total of all the storage your servers use and bill you for that. And the more gigabytes you use, the less you pay per gigabyte. This gives you scaling advantages on storage, on top of the quantity discount based on the number of users.
  • Invoicing information
    Our invoices are reseller friendly. Normally, you would use one Kerio in the Cloud server per customer. Our invoices will show you the amount of users and the amount of storage, per server. If you want, we can even provide you with more detailed information like the amount of users per domain and storage use per user. We can automatically generate a csv with this information monthly, to feed your billingsoftware.
  • Become a partner
    If you are an ICT company or service provider, fill out the form below to request more detailed information. There is no need to wait with ordering your Kerio in the Cloud server. Should you become a partner, the pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

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With Kerio in the Cloud you get a hassle free dedicated Kerio Operator and/or Kerio Connect ready to use. No limits. We make the backups and make sure you have enough server capacity. This cloud version of Kerio has a license included with anti virus, anti SPAM and Exchange Active Sync. Order directly on line or view the pricing

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